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Cloning or Converting to a template (ESX 3.5)

I often get the question what’s the best way to make a template. And here is the answer: It depends.

On what? On what your making a template of… Let me explain. Sometimes you get an operating system (VM) installed and its already running in your organization. You then think it’s time to quickly make a template (it’s real easy to make new VM’s in the future). But you want to go on with implementing the VM as soon as the template is made. This time you’l have to clone to an image, because you want to go on with installing the server.

Converting to a template is more about planning. Using a template is very simple becaurse you can use an already clean install of the software ( you don’t have to do al the anoying steps for installing windows…) So you plan ahead, and make an template. With this senario the installed operating system has no purpose, so you can make it a template (convert it to). After converting it to a template you can’t go on as with cloning, but you’ll have to make a new VM to install the operating system.


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